the Deceased

The Deceased is a stop motion animation musical. The short film accompanies Haim, an elderly man lying on his deathbed, as his family members gather to say goodbye to him on his last journey, each in their own absurd way.


מחזמר באנימציית בובות המתאר את יומו האחרון של חיים - קשיש השוכב על ערש דווי בבית החולים. בני משפחתו של חיים באים כדי להיפרד ממנו, כל אחד בדרכו האבסורדית שלו

“The Deceased” - Avishai Simchovitch and Keren Or Zelingher, November 2020, Language: Hebrew, Arabic, 07:09

Produced at the The department of Screen based Arts
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.

With the support of
Israel Cinema Project–The Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts
Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport, The Cultural Administration
The Israel Film Council.

The film was produced with the support of
The Jerusalem Film &Television Fund
At the Jerusalem Development Authority